Fall Play 2012: Macbeth- Cast List



Thanks to everyone who auditioned for Macbeth, the KMHS Drama Club’s fall play for 2012.   We were so thrilled to have so many talented and enthusiastic people auditioning.  As always, it’s very difficult to make these decisions.   We hope everyone who auditioned will involve themselves with the show in some way, either through costumes, props, set crew, tech, make-up, etc.  It’s going to be a big show and we’ll need all the help we can get! Please initial by your name to indicate acceptance of the part.


Our first rehearsal will be Monday, October 1, after school—in Mr. Korte’s room, #123.  Further schedules will be released then.  Meanwhile, enjoy Homecoming weekend!


First Witch:                   Sophia Tzougros

Second Witch:              Sarah Johnson

Third Witch:                 Jen Murray

 King Duncan:                Joe Gratz*

Malcolm:                      Ben Platz

Captain/Sergeant & 1st Apparition:   Nathan Souza*

Donalbain:          Abby Shaw*

Lennox:            McKenna Vogel

Ross:                 Jenni Sterk

 Macbeth:          Zach Sharrock

Banquo:        John Smith

Angus:          Harrison Plum*

 Lady Macbeth: Taz Kaldhusdal

Lady Macbeth’s Messenger

& Gentlewoman:           Kirsten Krechel

 Fleance & Young Siward:  Alex Keefe*

 Porter:            Garrett Waite*

Macduff:                       Titus Muzi

 Old Woman (2.4):        Jenny Merritt*

 Macbeth’s Servant & Seyton:   Ben Parulski*

 1st Murderer:                Olivia Weinkauf*

2nd Murderer:               Tess Weinkauf*

3rd Murderer:                Anna Weinkauf*

 Hecate:             Lyz Pfaff

 Lord (3.6):          Hayley Rozman*

 1st Apparition:    Nathan Souza*

2nd Apparition:  Mara Krueger*

3rd Apparition:       Laura Loucks*

 Lady Macduff:  Christine Nyce*

Macduff’s son:  Kaila Dietrichson*

Messenger to Lady Macduff:   Madison King*

 Doctor:             Jon Doenier*

 Menteith:         Malachi Burris*

Caithness:         Maddie Steele*

 Siward:             Baruch Fickett*

 Messenger (5.5):          Garrett Waite*


* Indicates a member of the ensemble who will also be required in crowd scenes such as the feast, the opening montage, the vision of kings, etc.  Not all members of the ensemble will appear in all ensemble scenes.






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The Cast List for KM Summer Academy’s production of Les Miserables, School Edition is included below. PLEASE be sure to scroll through the entire document as several students have been assigned multiple roles AND there are some important notes included at the end of the document, including instructions for cast members.

Click here: Les Miserables, School Edition 2012 Cast List

Key ideas that ALL who auditioned and ALL who are interested in ANY participation in the Musical this summer are:

1) Thank you SO much to all who auditioned.The casting choices were extremely hard to make as there were so many talented students who auditioned. If the stage could hold more actors more would have been included. Over 80 students auditioned.

2) If you did not make the cast, PLEASE try out in the future and PLEASE get involved in the musical this summer in other ways! We DESPERATELY need you for the production crews of set/tech and costumes. Students in the production crews are an important part of the show team, learn a lot and have lots of fun.

3) Mandatory Party meeting for ALL summer musical participants is Wednesday May 2, 6:30 pm in the KMHS Library.

4) If you are interested in a production crew: register for KM Summer Academy and come on the first day of rehearsal, Monday June 18th. Costume Crew will have the first meeting/work session on May 22 during the cast read through. More information will be available on the Musical website and the mandatory Parent Meeting on May 2.

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Fall Play Performances at KMHS



Friday & Saturday 7pm

Sunday 2 pm

Tickets $8 adults, $6 seniors and students through grade 12

not recommended for young audiences

KMHS Auditorium

349 Oak Crest Drive, Wales, WI 53183

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Dancing at Lughnasa 2011 Cast List

Kate Mundy                        Tazmin Kaldhusdal

Maggie Mundy                  Sophia Tzougros

Agnes Mundy                   Judith Moy

Rose Mundy                       Christine Nyce

Christine Mundy            Ami Majeskie

Father Jack Mundy      Asher Fickett

Gerry Evans                       Jon Zyga

Michael Evans                  Zach Sharrock

Thank you SO much to all who auditioned. This was an extremely hard decision to make; as there were so many talented people for the few roles. Special thanks to all who stayed so late at call backs and applause for your hard work and consideration of our directorial notes. We saw much growth from past auditions and even in the audition performances for this show. PLEASE try out again and PLEASE get involved in Drama in other ways! One of the best ways to improve your acting is to be as involved in Drama and see shows as much as possible. The sign up for Costumes and Set/Tech crew will soon be on the Drama Door. Each backstage crew will have a meeting in the next two weeks, sign up to be contacted. Watch the Drama Board, facebook and website (http://kmdrama.co.nr/)for all schedules and other info. Remember: Membership in Thespian Society depends on work done in MULTIPLE areas of Drama….so consider doing a backstage crew!

                                                                    – Ms. Kean & Mr. Korte


Rehearsals begin Monday Oct 3 with a full cast read through. Expect to stay until 5:00 pm.  Further scheduling will be discussed then. Scripts are available for pick up at your convenience in room 914 (Ms. Kean’s classroom) or at the read through, but it is recommended you get your script before the weekend.

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Fall Play 2011 Call Back List

Please be sure to read all the details of the document linked below! Thanks to all who auditioned and congrats to those who had especially good readings!

Dancing at Lughnasa Call Back List

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Fall Play 2011 Auditions: Dancing at Lughnasa

Tuesday September 27 & Wednesday September 28.

See the audition materials attached below…all your questions, background info and audition script cuttings included.

Dancing at Lughnasa Audition Materials

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KMHS Drama Spring Play 2011


Come see Anne of Green Gables at KMHS March 25-27.

Friday & Saturday at 7:30 pm, Sunday at 2 pm

Tickets: $8 adults, $6 students K-12

KMHS Auditorium: 349 Oak Crest Drive, Wales, WI 53183

All tickets available at the door, no reserved seats. *

Questions/More information: 262-968-6200 ext. 4655

*Groups of 6 or more who would like to researve seats, should contact Drama Director Ms. Abby Kean for special arrangements.*

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Anne of Green Gables Cast List

Click on the highlighted title for the cast list! These were (as always) really hard choices to make! For instance 2 hours spent deciding just 4 parts! Anne of Green Gables 2011 Cast List

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Anne of Green Gables Call Back List

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! Please click here Anne of G.G. 2011 Call Back list to view the list and learn about call back procedures.

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